2015 Special Olympics

Alvin and Buddies

Hundreds of volunteers gave up their day to make Special Olympics
a memorable day for students like Alvin.

On Thursday, April 16, 2015, students from Middletown Area School District headed to Messiah College in Grantham, PA to participate in the annual Capital Area Special Olympics. Several students from Middletown Area High School served as buddies for the day and assisted the athletes with their events. Students participated in various competitions such as 50 meter walk, 50 meter dash, softball throw, standing long jump, turbo javelin, high jump, and shot put. They could also choose to play soccer, volleyball or tennis with the assistance of Messiah College students. A variety of carnival games were provided to enabled them to practice their fine motor skills and to be entertained by silly clowns. And what better way to celebrate the day’s successes than a free-for-all dance party to finish out the event? A sunshiny day, hundreds of volunteers, ribbon-winning, podium photo shoots, and thousands of smiles and giggles added up to make the 2015 Special Olympics a priceless event.

2015 Spec Olym COLL

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